Welcome to our service for Window Cleaning Sydney properties. We agree that cleaning Windows can be difficult and frustrating. So can finding a professional window cleaner. Customers find that our window cleaning service is excellent. Call us at Sydney Window Clean. Because we have years of experience we know how to take care of your glass. We are based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

About Us

  • A Glass, Building Fenestration, and Window Cleaning Service in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.
  • We mostly service residential and low-rise commercial properties.
  • We can clean almost any window up to five stories in height.
  • We adhere to Professional Window Cleaning methods and have the most modern equipment.
  • We clean anything from small two bedroom apartments to modern architectural homes.
  • Fully insured to 5 stories, trusted, experienced and professional Sydney window cleaners.

Window Cleaning

3 Reasons Why Most People Prefer a Local Window Cleaner

  • Cost – It reduces transport time which cuts back on our overheads enabling a more competitive price.
  • Time – Because we live closer, we can usually respond quicker and be more flexible with changes.
  • Trust – Since we are your neighbours, you know where we live and can contact us more easily.

Our Window Cleaning Service – What to Expect

  • Our Window Cleaners will be attentive your needs and ensure that everything is explained thoroughly before starting.
  • Our window cleaners will take great care with your property and respect your privacy.
  • You will find us honest, well-presented and reliable.
  • Customers find that our prices are at or often below market rates.
  • We also offer a regular service but can be flexible when needed.
  • Our workers are fit, friendly, efficient and experienced in all types of window cleaning work.

How do we Clean your Windows?

  1. Your glass will be thoroughly scrubbed by our Window Cleaners. This will remove any dust, dirt, grease, bird excrement, salt, pollution or other residues from the window surface.
  2. Next, we’ll use a squeegee to remove the water and suds from the glass. As a result the glass will be left crystal clean and residual marks such as streaks, smears, smudges or drips will be eliminated. (A Special De-ionised water system is used for high access glass along with Carbon Fibre Extension poles – see above)
  3. Finally, the window sills will be wiped using a microfibre cloth to clear any excess water. Also, where necessary, the floor is mopped cleaned of any drips using a mop and bucket or clean microfibre rags.

The Reality of Window Cleaning:

Windows can be a real pane to clean, hence most people hate cleaning their own windows. Additionally, most people have misconceptions about how best to clean their windows. An example is that a cloth and windex will do the trick. True, you will find that a microfibre cloth can sometimes work well for french windows and louvers, however this method has its limits. Rather, to do the job properly you need a number of quality pieces of equipment. Additionally, there are techniques that you need to employ to ensure a streak free finish. And so it makes sense to hire a Professional to get the job done right.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Window Cleaner

Hiring a Professional will make a huge difference. With the right tools, skills and experience it can be done faster, safer and to a higher standard. Customers are amazed at the results they see.  The small investment protects your glass from degradation. It also brightens your entire home. Imagine having clear glass that looks like you can walk through it. But please don’t do that!

At Sydney Window Clean we are experienced Professional Window Cleaners. We will try our best to get your glass looking its best. We look forward to meeting you and helping you. Please call us for more information, a free quote or to make a booking!