Living in Bondi or by the Sydney seaside is pleasant, however it brings an extra need for maintenance on your home. This is especially the case when it comes to window cleaning. What happens is that the sea air carries with it moisture which settles on the glass. And so evaporation takes place leaving behind solid particles of salt, calcium and other minerals. This gives the glass a misty or opaque appearance. Regular window cleaning will ensure that the minerals do not build up over time. This way it won’t get into the glass structure itself and become a permanent stain. Because when this happens the windows will require replacement which can get very expensive.

Bondi Beach Sydney

Investing in a regular window clean will ensure that your glass never goes beyond the point of no return. And in the meantime, you can enjoy the wonderful views from your freshly cleaned windows! Our Sydney Window Cleaners will be honest and upfront as to the kind of results that you can expect once your windows are cleaned.

Fortunately, most of the time your windows will come up looking terrific and you will be more than satisfied with our window cleaning service. Our Bondi Window Cleaners clean many apartments and homes in the Eastern Suburbs Sydney, North Shore and Inner West. We are more than happy to provide our window cleaning services as a one-off clean or to arrange a regular service if you prefer.

Sydney Window Clean are your choice Window Cleaners in Bondi and the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. As part of our local work we window clean, units/apartments, houses, shops, restaurants and various other buildings. Enjoy the difference with clean windows. Call us for a free quote. We can usually respond quite quickly, particularly if you live locally.