High window cleaning is a serious task that requires experience and expertise. Sydney Window Clean provide a high-rise Window Cleaning Service in Sydney.

Cleaning windows at ground level requires a normal skill level from window cleaners. However, with increasing height the task becomes exponentially more difficult and dangerous. This presents unique challenges that require an advanced skill set and safety requirements. Generally, when window cleaning two story homes and offices, the traditional setup of ladder and/or extension pole is used. For 3 to 5 storey buildings, our team uses a telescopic, de-ionised water fed pole system which is operated from ground level.

Higher Access using Ladder and Extension Pole

1-2 Stories

Most of the time our Sydney Window Cleaners will use a ladder or extension pole to clean hard to reach areas. This is the simplest and easiest system to implement. Still, cleaning high windows using an extension pole requires a high skill level. We take great care when climbing ladders and do not go above the second storey when window cleaning off ladders.

High Rise Window Cleaning with Telescopic Pole and De-Ionised Water

3-5 Stories

This is our favourite piece of equipment and we use it for a majority of our high rise window cleaning work. It is far more practical and cost effective than other methods. Some of these are erecting scaffolding, or using boom lifts. The system is comprised of three elements.

  • 1. The pole and brush combination.
  • 2. The hosing and reels.
  • 3. The water filtration system.
  1. The telescopic high-rise window cleaning pole by Gardiner reaches 5 stories on full extension. It is lightweight and rigid, made from an advanced carbon fibre composite. The brush heads are interchangeable so different sizes and textures can be used. Also, they have adjustable joints so that the angle can be altered for differing shapes of windows, crevices and working angles. The brush bristles will not scratch or damage your glass and may also be used to clean the window frames.
  2. The tubing or hosing is made from soft, lightweight polyethylene and has a much narrower internal and external diameter than a typical garden hose. Holding the weight of a regular hose up several stories combined with the pole weight would make control difficult and impractical hence this design. The hosing reaches 100m so our pole can be carried around any virtually any building and not be pinned working only near the water outlet.
  3. The water filtration system is used so that the glass can be scrubbed down using the water fed brush and then it can be left to dry. Regular tap water when it dries will leave white marks and residue from the various impurities and minerals that it carries. However, the de-ionised pure water will dry perfectly clear.

How does the Water Fed Pole Work?

The system works in two stages. Firstly, the tap water runs through a standard water filter. Most people have one at home on their kitchen taps and use it to filter drinking water. This cartridge removes basic impurities. The filtered water then runs into the sealed, pressurised 40kg drum where it runs through a de-ionising resin. The resin attracts virtually any free remaining mineral ions such as calcium, magnesium, chloride, fluoride and various traces elements. Then we then test the water using a handheld TDS meter (Total Dissolved Solids). Typically, Sydney water has about 90-120ppm (parts per million) of total dissolved solids. As mentioned, unlike other water that we call ‘normal water’ this water will dry clear leaving no residue. Because of this property, it can be used effectively for window cleaning.

If you would like Professional Window Cleaning by Quality, trusted window cleaners, then call Sydney Window Clean. We are your Bondi Window Cleaning team and so know the local area and the Eastern Suburbs. We work on many large homes and clean glass from ground level up to 4 stories in height. No matter how tricky you may think your window are, we can usually offer a solution. Call us for all your tricky high access, high-rise window cleaning needs!